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Tool Chest

Video: Tool Chest
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Studio: Butch Bear
Once you open this special tool chest, you definitely won?t want to ever close it! Butch Bear brings as many of the company?s hottest solos and one-on-one scenes in this must-see erotic SIX-SCENE collection! Every cock-stroking, cum-shooting, hairy-assed minute has been remastered to give you nearly two hours of non-stop action in high quality! Fourteen bearded, horny and hairy Butch Bear models go at it.

Stars: Mickey Squires, Carbo, J.T., Pat Gibbons, Clint Taylor, Big Ben Gunn, Steve Ellis, Ross Wilson, Damien Vincetti, Puck, Scott Ramm, John Ramone, Apollos

Palm Cruise

Video: Palm Cruise
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Studio: Manhunter Video Productions
Big Bear Meat and non-stop heat in the tropics as 4 men are picked up for an orgy by Sebastian on vacation. There's nothing but Macho men, bears, hairy chest in a sweaty hour-long 5-man orgy-and suck and fuck fest! Enjoy your man pussy bears!!!

Stars: Sebastian, Rod Werker, Ryan Allen, Mike Payne, Ross Wilson

Real Men Volume 12 - Sonoma Heat

Video: Real Men Volume 12 - Sonoma Heat
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Studio: Pantheon Productions

Real Men...real masculine man-to-man no-frills sex! The twelfth DVD in our Real Men series brings you 9 hot and hairy men in 5 hard-core scenes outdoor scenes with well hung hairy daddies, interracial action, and double penetration. Real men...real sex...real hot! These masculine, hung, muscular daddies suck and fuck away a hot men fuck and suck away a hot summer day...culminating in a hot 3-way where Sam Everett gets double-fucked by Jake Mitchell and Jeremy Steel--all in the great outdoors!

Jake Mitchell and Michael Scott
This hot day gets kicked off by big daddy bears Jake and Michael going at each other. Watch as these rock hard, randy men take care of each other's masculine needs. Big man Michael gets more than his fill when Jake tops him...

Ross Wilson, Jaguar and Cowboy Larry
Hirsute man Ross Wilson is in pig heaven lying out in the sun between black daddies Jaguar and Larry. It's more than he can handle... fortunately Jaguar wants some action too. Ross is in pig heaven getting tag-teamed by this sexy, very well hung duo.

Jake Mitchell
Even more of handsome daddy Jake! Watch as he shows off and strokes his huge dick in this hot solo scene.

Jake Rowe and Hunt Parker
The randy gardner, Hunt Parker is back! This time he's in the mood for some daddy cock... Jake Rowe spies Hunt working in the yard and seduces him through a window. Don't miss these two big men swapping fucks!

Sam Everett, Jeremy Steel and Jake Mitchell
A hot summer daddy wouldn't be complete without a double fuck. These three men just can't get enough of each other, and Sam just can't get enough big dick! Watch as he takes both Jake and Jeremy's dicks at once! It's one of the hottest scenes we've ever seen!

Stars: Jaguar, Jake Rowe, Michael Scott, Hunt Parker, Jake Mitchell, Sam Everett, Ross Wilson, Jeremy Steel, Cowboy Larry

Real Men Volume 6 - Daddy Chain

Video: Real Men Volume 6 - Daddy Chain
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Studio: Pantheon Productions

Wake up to the sight of hairy man Ross getting fucked by big-dicked Clint first thing in the morning. Then join the hot threeway action as Cameron, Dillon and Clint get sweaty together. Later in the day muscle-daddies Spike and Joe swap fucks in the kitchen, and Ross and Dillon get into some hot oral action. This virile chain of events concludes with a six-man sweaty daddy orgy you won't want to miss.

Ross Wilson and Clint Taylor
JC and Robert hook up online. When JC shows up at Robert's house, he finds him out in the hot tub... hot, hard, and ready for action! You don't want to miss these two stocky men going at it. Watch Robert in ecstasy as he's taking JC's big, thick dick!

Cameron Stuart, Dillon Roy, and Clint Taylor
After Clint finishes his hot crack-of-dawn sex with Ross, he's walking down the street and gets picked up by the daddy couple Cameron and Stuart. All three of these hairy and hung men exchange fucks in this hot scene. Lot's of hot oral action!

Spike Morrison and Joe Sarge
Spike comes home from the grocery store to find his partner Joe in his underwear in the kitchen. He's throws down the groceries and they start to go at it. Witness these two passionate muscle-daddies devouring each other. The energy between these two masculine men is electric.

Dillon Roy and Ross Wilson
The day continues as Ross and Dillon encounter each other on the street. See these two muscle bears as they go at it in the living room. Lot's of masculine oral action in this scene.

Michael Burkk, Joe Sarge, Spike Morrison, Dillon Roy, Kent Burke, and Cameron Stuart
This virile chain of events concludes with a 6-man orgy that you'll want to get in the middle of. Witness these masculine, hung dads going at it. The scene ends with the guys tag-teaming Joe Sarge. See him in pig heaven as he gets fucked by all these hot men!

Stars: Clint Taylor, Joe Sarge, Kent Burke, Spike Morrison, Michael Burkk, Ross Wilson, Cameron Stuart, Dillon Roy

Daddy Hunt Volume 1

Video: Daddy Hunt Volume 1
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Studio: Pantheon Productions

This is the first in Pantheon Productions line of hardcore videos celebrating intergenerational sex. All of the scenes in Daddy Hunt films are of hot Daddy/Boy action. In Daddy Hunt: Volume One we follow several cute younger men on their search for masculine older men to fulfill their desires. Nine men--6 scenes!

Jay Taylor, Tommy Deluca and Tony Bishop
The movie starts with young friends Tommy and Tony picking up handsome, tall and clean-cut daddy Jay Taylor. Jay has his hands full with these two younger studs, but this well-endowed dad is up to the task.

Jake Mitchell and Rico Furtado
Now we see had-core working men Steve and Ike exiting a freight elevator and starting to suck on each other's daddy dicks! Good-looking Tony comes down the stairs and spies these two hirsute men going at it. Steve catches Tony watching and orders him to come over and suck on his dick. Tony is more than happy to get in the middle of these two top daddies. The contrast between down-and-dirty Steve and Ike, and the young, clean-cut innocent (looking) Tony is very hot.

Tony Bishop and Hart Caldwell
Big daddy Hart (he's 6'6") discovers cute Tony Bishop online and asks what he's up to. Tony has a real weakness for tall top dads so he doesn't have to be talked into coming over. See Tony in ecstasy as he's taking Hart's daddy dick!

Ross Wilson, Vulcan and Rico Furtado
Vulcan has a fantasy about watching his partner Ross getting it on with a hot younger man. Watch as he strokes his big dick voyeuristically... witnessing his partner Ross in ecstasy with latin stud Rico.

Charles Rod and Hart Caldwell
Charles comes over to Hart's place after hooking up on DaddyHunt and this time, the top dad gets topped!

Tommy Deluca and Jake Mitchell
Super-hung Tommy has been cruisin' his dream dad Jake online and on the streets for a long time. When they finally meet, sparks fly! It's a struggle for Tommy to take Jake's huge dick, but he's eager and willing to go for it...

Stars: Hart Caldwell, Tommy DeLuca, Tony Bishop, Charles Rod, Rico Furtado, Jay Taylor, Jake Mitchell, Ross Wilson, Vulcan

Real Men Volume 9 - Dungeons & Daddies

Video: Real Men Volume 9 - Dungeons & Daddies
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Studio: Pantheon Productions
The 9th video in the Real Men series takes you on an edgy ride down into the dungeons with 8 masculine leather-daddies! Four hardcore sweaty scenes with balls-to-the-wall action! This hot ride through the dungeons ends with a 6 man orgy of dick drillin' daddies! Leather, cages, big toys, and a 6 man orgy! You'll want to get in the middle of the non-stop action with these hot and hairy dads, including Buster and ROss getting gang banged in the sling. REAL MEN. REAL SEX.

Buster and Tony Greene
We begin this hot journey with Buster and Tony. Buster chains top man Tony to the wall and has his way with him, but the tables are turned when Buster lets Tony down! Buster didn't know what he was in for with this well-endowed top man with his rock-hard dick...

Nate Pierce and Sam Dehner
Next we follow muscular Nate Pierce as he's topping hairy, hung dad Sam Dehner. Nate fucks Sam good, then gets out some big toys to fill his need for some hot and heavy ass play.

Jake Mitchell and Leif Gobo
Now we see hung muscle daddy Jake putting his slave Leif into the puppy cage. Jake teases Leif with his huge dick then he fucks him... Leif is in Pig Heaven!

Cameron Stuart, Ross Wilson, Buster, Nate Pierce, Tony Greene and Sam Dehner
This hot ride ends with a six-man orgy! You'll want to get in the middle of the non-stop action with these hot and hairy dads... includes Buster, Ross and Cameron taking turns getting gang-banged in the sling.

Stars: Buster, Leif Gobo, Tony Greene, Nate Pierce, Jake Mitchell, Ross Wilson, Sam Dehner, Cameron Stuart

Bear Juice

Video: Bear Juice
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Quenches your thirst and leaves you howling for more! They suck, rim, and pound their way to an explosive climax... In a mountain getaway, on a boat, they just love man sex and gettin' down and dirty...and man it shows!featuring Hank, Captain bear, Clint Taylor.

Stars: Timo, Clint Taylor, Captain Bear, Kevin Bruce, Diesel Cub, Dozer, Smoky McLain, Cub NW, Ross Wilson, Sebastian (BearFilms), Sid (BearFilms), Beau (BearFilms), Colt (BearFilms), Bull (BearFilms), Heath (BearFilms)

Daddy Flies Solo

Video: Daddy Flies Solo
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Studio: Pantheon Productions
Here are 18 hot daddies...all shapes, sizes...and they're all real guys and really horny as hell. They're takin' care of business and strokin' it for your viewing pleasure (and their kicks too). Two sizzling hours of daddy dick, and it's all here and exposed for your viewing enjoyment, admiration, and deviant entertainment!!

Stars: Dave, Magnum, Allen, Chuck Martin, Tom Braddock, Jake Taylor, Wylie Edwards, Harry Wolfe, Jakob, Ross Wilson, Spike Daddy, Derik, Marcos Mitchell, Jon Moore, Coach Nick, Allston Parker, Daddy Ric

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