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My Big Black Cock

Video: My Big Black Cock
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Studio: Next Door Studios
With new stud Miller Axton primed and ready to show his stroke, Scott Demarco finds himself in a familiar position- bent over with a nice hard cock plunged deep into his hole. As Jacen Zhu scans the internets he happens across an escort ad featuring a guy he recognizes from his gym. Within an hour, Rex is knocking on his door ready for action. Masson Shores takes a shower after his home workout soaping up his sexy body. After drying off, he feels horny and slowly tugs on his thick cock waking it up from its slumber. In a room underneath city sidewalks, Dylan Henri and Nubius run a bondage service. A young man named Leander has decided to find out what the whole thing is all about.

Stars: Dylan Henri, Jacen Zhu, Leander, Masson Shores, Miller Axton, Nubius, Rex Cobra, Scott Demarco (M)

Fucking Hot Ass Egyptians

Video: Fucking Hot Ass Egyptians
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Studio: Knightbreeders
These men know how exactly to satisfy their needs! Fucking Hot Ass Egyptians is all about dirty anal action and beautiful cum shots! No time for love or romance this is instinct of male species at the wildest and most intense. Featuring 3 hot scenes that will be sure to butter up that pecker of yours!

Stars: Anubis, Damien Silver, Anus Anubis, Floor Maat, No Dom Adom

Professional Fucker

Video: Professional Fucker
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Studio: Next Door Studios
After Leander gets an intimate massage at Nubius' Nook, he leaves the legendary proprietor a stellar review and a deposit of cum. When headshot model Damian Brooks notices photographer JP Richards sporting a side pipe, he stops the session to suck on the cameraman's head till it shoots. After model scout Chris Harder picks up Jay Alexander in the park, they go back to the studio to ride each other's asses on the casting couch. When Daniel Flores visits Dr. Damian Flexxx for a checkup , the doc diagnoses him with blue balls and treats him with head and anal sex. The inimitable King Noire Strokes his own cock to a crescendo in this masterpiece of masturbation.

Stars: Nubius, JP Richards, Chris Harder, Damien Brooks, Damian Flexxx, Jay Alexander (i), Daniel Flores, Leander

Black Dungeon Doms

Video: Black Dungeon Doms
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Studio: Next Door Studios
Kneel before your buff black masters and submit to their every cruel urge. You will give them your obedience. You will give them your respect. But most of all, you will give them your wide-open fuckhole to play with for their pleasure and amusement. Tonight, in the basement and in the bedroom, you are their sub, and they are your Black Dungeon Doms, ready to break in their new playthings and command them into eager submission. Osiris Blade, Jay Black, Bam Bam, Nubius, and Marlone Starr don their harnesses, kilts and magnum-sized condoms to deliver a pounding to the asses of their slut bottom slaves. Kneel and submit to these ebony gods, and you?ll get the ultimate reward for your loyalty ? a big black dick and a blast of hot cum all over you. Just don?t forget to say, ?Thank you, Sir!?

Stars: Caleb King, Dayon Starr, Osiris Blade, Marlone Starr (M), Bam Bam, Mustang, Jay Black, Nubius, Sam Swift

Pissed On

Video: Pissed On
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Entertainment traveled to London, Barcelona and New York for Pissed On in order to find fifteen pissed-soaked men ready for warm and wet play. Jonathan Agassi headlines the cast of extreme exhibitionists. Get ready to take your raunchy fuck fantasies to lower levels with eight scenes of hardcore piss-play, drinking and cumming.

Stars: Harry Louis, Jonathan Agassi, Glenn Coste, Kennedy Carter, Sergio Serrano, Rio Silver, Rafael Alencar, Joseph Mercier, Nubius, Max Duran, Rafael Carreras, Manuel Rokko, Michael Lucas, Salvatore Dolce, Lucio Saints

Black Men In Both Ends

Video: Black Men In Both Ends
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Studio: Next Door Studios
Why settle for just one dick up your ass when you could have black men in both ends? It's a BBC lover's dream-come-true as black sluts and black stallions come together for 5 threeway scenes stuffed with more hard, hung monster-cock than you can count on both hands! These muscled studs' bodies are tightly packed and come in threes, as they find out that the best way to maximize your partner's pleasure is to times it by two. Powerhouse tops and power bottoms Damian Brooks, Kiern Duecan, Krave Moore, Andre Donovan, Nubius and more bring their own brand of black attraction to bedrooms, birthdays, and even one lucky dance class. Ebony action so intense you're guaranteed to thank us in the end... both ends, that is!

Stars: Red (m), JP Richards, Damian Brooks, Krave Moore, PD Fox, Astengo, Andre Donovan, Kiern Duecan, Zane West (i), Rex Cobra, Nubius

Hung XL

Video: Hung XL
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Studio: Next Door Studios
For some men, the blessing of a enormous cock is something that occurs at birth?but there?s only one guy who?s been named after it! Get acquainted with XL, a ridiculously hung stud with a smile that?ll melt your heart and a dick that?ll split your ass in two! XL is as real as it gets, and now you get to go along with him as he fucks size-queen bottom boys all year through. Raise a glass with him and Brandon Jones as they skip past their first date dinner plans to the REAL main course. Sit back on the couch with buddies Damian Brooks and Andre Donovan as they dare XL to dive deep into their holes with his expert tongue and throbbing dick. Celebrate the whole year round as XL parties hard with Nubius, Jin Powers, Tyson Tyler and more, whether he?s gettin? his candle blown on his lover?s birthday, jinglin? his balls at Christmas, or bustin? out his fat dick on St Patrick?s. It seems like everybody wants a taste, but it?s all good, because when you?re hung like XL, you?ve got more than enough to go around! A Next Door Ebony anthology. SPECIAL FEATURE BULLET POINTS :

Stars: Damian Brooks, Andre Donovan, Mr. Marvel, Diaon Star, Nubius, XL, Brandon Jones, Tyson Tyler, Jin Powers

Hookup Hustlas

Video: Hookup Hustlas
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Studio: Next Door Studios
Hookin' up isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. Those late nights of Last Call at the bar, cruisin' the men's room for dick, hopped up on lust and adrenaline and who knows what else. The sex is savage and filthy... the morning after it's just a blur. And then you get up, go back out, and do it all over again on the daily. To some it's second nature, their eyes meet a stranger's and that's all it takes to know it's on. It's a skill like any other, and these hustlas are just doin' what (or who) they do best. Tyson Tyler, Nubius, Jordano Santoro, Jin Powers, JP Richards, King B, Sam Swift and Astengo star in five hot hookups that show off the unmatched thrill of bangin' a rando. And when your one night stand sticks around for the morning after... might as well fuck him one more time before kicking him to the curb!

Stars: JP Richards, Jin Powers, PD Fox, Astengo, King B., Boxer, Nubius, Sam Swift, Jordano Santoro, Tyson Taylor

Phat Dick Fitness

Video: Phat Dick Fitness
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Studio: Next Door Studios
Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a nice, hard workout?directly to your shaft! And when these sexy trainers met up with their meat-hungry clients, that?s exactly what?s happening! Sweat, muscle, and bulging gym shorts await you in five stories starring black beefcakes Tyson Tyler, Marc Williams, Krave Moore, Nubius, and newcomer Derek Maxum training bottoms how to exercise the Ebony way! These black studs pack some seriously phat dicks, so don?t forget the number one rule about exercising your ass? Be sure to stretch first! A Next Door Ebony anthology.

Stars: Max Chevalier, JP Richards, Damian Brooks, Derek Maxum, Krave Moore, Marc Williams, Nubius, Darian (Male), Draven Torres, Tyson Tyler, Brock Avery

Mixitupboy Presents Anubis & Brian Werner

Video: Mixitupboy Presents Anubis & Brian Werner
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Studio: MixItUpBoy
Anubis picked himself up a euro-boy from the club. He has to have some white meat every once in a while. The Frenchie sure knows how to suck a big dick with passion. When it's Anubis turn to lay some pipe, the man hits that shit real good. Brian takes that dick with no problem and Anubis keeps giving it. They fuck every way possible!

Stars: Anubis, Brian Werner

Size Me Up

Video: Size Me Up
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Studio: Next Door Studios
Size Me Up features muscled ebony models with some impressive BBCs. Watch JP Richards give Jin Powers a Valentine?s Day surprise; Nubius, Jay Black, and Damian Brooks enjoy a game of strip poker turned threesome and much more. They know what they want, know what they really need, get what they like, and please everyone in the process!

Stars: Marc Williams, Nubius, Sam Swift, Brandon Jones, JP Richards, Jin Powers, Damian Brooks, Scottie, Jay Black

The Best Of Thugporn 3

Video: The Best Of Thugporn 3
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
Pitbull Productions is back with its third installment to the series ?The Best Of Thugporn?. Six hardcore scenes & two hours of nuttin? butt black thugs sucking on dat dark meat and fuckin dat tight asshole. There?s 69, blowjobs, rimming, anal, cock sitting, doggy style, missionary, piledriver, Doggy Style ? Standing, kissing and lots of money shots to watch.

Stars: Marcus, J.T., Aaron Ridge, Rudy Scott, Nubius, Sylk, Double R., K.B. (Male), Ocean (Male), Lex, Kamrun

Stuffin' Dat Azz

Video: Stuffin' Dat Azz
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Studio: Chocolate Cream
The Chocolate Cream Factory has delivered yet another hot and sticky load into the mix. STUFFIN? DAT AZZ brings together some of the studios favorite thugs in an all out cream fest! With four scenes featuring stars, Sexcyone, Dream, Nubius, Tru Story, Shorty J, Mr. X, Hot Commodity and Tru Story the Chocolate Cream Factory?s STUFFIN? DAT AZZ will surely leave you satisfied. Included are three condom scenes and a bonus bareback scene. Don?t miss out on scene two?s sexy three-way!

Stars: Nubius, Hot Commodity, Shorty J., Tru Story, Sexcyone, Mr. X, Dream

Take 'Em Down 3

Video: Take 'Em Down 3
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
They?ve spent two years searching for the perfect tops and bottoms for Take ?Em Down 3 and they?re proud to say, they?ve found ?em! This one will blow your mind and drain your nut over and over again. Hot Atlanta top KB takes down powerful Mr. Sauki. Then super star Tiger Tyson moves in on KB and guess what? Yes? he takes KB down and makes him beg for more of Tiger?s 10+ inches of stiff cock.

Hey, listen up, they?ve just begun! Get ready for Zotic to top thirteen inch Big Smoke, bringing the big gay guy to his knees, azz up and open for dick. And if that?s not enough to make you pop, check out Latino love machine Tiger Tyson when he gets his hands, and dick, on notorious muscle top Nubius. Tiger bends Nubius to his will, making the rugged top submit to a ferocious butt fuck that?ll leave you breathless.

Now for the grand finale! This is the most awesome sex scene they?ve ever filmed. It will win many awards and be talked about for years to come. Blatino stud Phat Daddy is joined for the first time ever by his real life brother, King Dingo. The brothers take down lucky black top Bronz Star in a threesome that has to be seen to be believed. Bronz Star takes it like a man, offering up his bubble butt to two 10+ inch dueling brothers, who see it as a challenge to be the thug who fucks Bronz Star hardest, longest and best! If this sounds like we?re blowing our own horn, we are! Take ?Em Down 3 is so hot it?ll melt the chrome off a Humvee.

Stars: Nubius, KB, Bronz Star, Big Smoke, King Dingo, Phat Daddy , Zotic, Tiger Tyson, Mr. Sauki

T.H.U.G. L.O.V.E.

Video: T.H.U.G. L.O.V.E.
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
Bad boys are the best and hottest lay because they ALWAYS get it in! When a thug wants some cock he's going to get it like he learned on the streets! It's take what you can get...and get it damn good! These thugs are getting it in those tight, round asses! Juice pours on the power sex when Black Lion whips out his massive cock! Kurupt and Seduction work their muscle dicks out and go pound for pound! Straight from the streets...rugged and hard ghetto soldiers...cred and breed!

Stars: Seduction, Juice, Kurupt, Nubius, Angel (M), T.y., Black Lion, Elmo, K Blaze

The Unexpected

Video: The Unexpected
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Studio: Chocolate Cream
Ten stars with very large bars light up the screen in this five scene sex marathon. The boys start off by lounging around the house before either being invaded by a large black man or just fondled by a friend. No matter the case, these boys want other boys and there is plenty of meat to go ?round.

Stars: Sexcyone, Carlito, Chino, Venom, Scorpion, Nubius, Panther (Male), Viper , Rock, Envy (Male)

Thugboy Vol. 11 - Running From The Dick

Video: Thugboy Vol. 11 - Running From The Dick
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Studio: Flava Works
Tight bodied thugs need an avenue to vent their pent-up frustrations just like the rest of us. You can?t hold a down-home homey to the narrow view of heterogeneity, for like the rest of us, they come in all stripes, even those on the down-low. What?s wrong with hot, hung thugs getting down with their best friends? These boyz are doing anything but running from the dick, and it?s ALL good!

Stars: C. Mack, Malo, Anubis, Baby Star, Ninja Nixon, Brooklyn (Male), Drummer Boi, Taylor Biggs, Nitro Nixon, Romeo St. James, Breion Diamond, Soldier

Harlem Thug Nights

Video: Harlem Thug Nights
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
The best ThugPorn Platinum series presents Harlem Thug Nights by director Jalin Fuentas. Nine hot roun? the way homeboys are linking up to get it, but on the DOWN LOW. They have a rep to protect, but behind closed doors they can be either the top or bottom with no disapproval needed. Something about men with long dong thugging it up!

Stars: Trapboyy, Midnight (Male), Jayson, Lazarus, Mr. Sauki, Nubius, Haiti Boy, Thirst

Take It Like A Man Vol. 1: Azz On Fire

Video: Take It Like A Man Vol. 1: Azz On Fire
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Studio: Pitbull Productions
Pitbull Productions present "Take It Like A Man Vol 1: Azz On Fire," starring Cass, Remy Mars, J Wheels, Blaze, Kapone X, Slim Thug, Swift, Marcus and Nubius. These thugs are at their best! They have the biggest, baddest black cocks so don't fuck wit em or they will fuck you! Some keep it on the down low and some just don't care who knows or sees, they'll be fucking anyhow!

Stars: Marcus, Slim Thug, Kapone X, J Wheels, Remy Mars, Swift, Nubius, Blaze (Male), Cass (Male)

Reform School Punishment

Video: Reform School Punishment
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Studio: Real Urban Men
When the bully wants your ass and your teacher wants your mouth, being behind bars is cruel and unusual punishment.

They were sent away to reform school. Now that they have paid their debt to society by giving up their ass and their mouth, have they learned anything? Their punishment isn?t over yet! Now they are men and about to go out on their own. Their days of ass pounded fucking and thick black cocks gagging them in the middle of the night aren?t over at all!

REAL URBAN MEN presents ?REFORM SCHOOL PUNISHMENT? where ALL innocence is lost as you enter the door and the punishment can become pleasure as you leave. Baby faced new comer, Terry Luiz, leads a cast that gets every inch of punishment they deserve. And then some!

Stars: Kannon, Slim, Nubius, Treshawn Valentino, G. Stunna, BX (Male), Terry Luiz

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