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Michael Lucas Auditions Volume 16

Video: Michael Lucas Auditions  Volume 16
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
additional content, including watersports sequences.

From the press notes, courtesy of Lucas Entertainment:
'Jack Mccarthy reveals to Michael Lucas his love for deep-throating, but it's Harold Pitt who demonstrates how it's done, swallowing Jack's rock-hard pole before turning him around to bury his face in Jack's tight ass. Then Jack shows Harold how orally talented he is, as Harold shoves his cock deep into Jack's hungry mouth. Before long these guys are ready to fuck, with Harold pounding Jack's ass until Jack shoots his load straight into his own mouth.

This may be pretty boy Jarett's first Lucas film, but he proves he's no stranger to hot sex! Young studs Jarett and Logan start off with a long sucking session where Logan simply can't hide his pleasure throwing his lips around Jarett's beautiful cock. Logan almost can't handle it when Jarett starts plowing him, but that doesn't stop Jarett. After enjoying the taste of his own cum, Logan gets soaked by Jarett's creamy man-juice.

It's obvious that Zach Jayden can't wait to service hunky Lorenzo, immediately wrapping his lips around Lorenzo's thick tool. Lorenzo returns the favor by licking and fingering Zach's anxious hole and slapping his toned ass until Zach can barely contain his anticipation. Lorenzo gives him just what he wants with an extensive ass drilling. Michael jumps in, transforming the scene into a hot threesome.

Big boy Adam Faust is chosen to initiate muscle bear bottom Troy Webb in his first film and the two get right to work, eagerly inhaling each other's stiff cocks. Don't let Troy's built frame fool you - he's got a tight hole that Adam can't wait to break-in. Adam rams it before having his own licked and tickled by Troy's furry face. Michael once again jumps in to the action, plunging his uncut rod into Adam's hole before giving Troy's behind a go as well.

Young hotties Adam Young and Tony Ryder enjoy some cock sucking and ass play before Tony decides to help himself to Adam's smooth bubble butt. Adam gladly obliges as Tony slips his well-endowed manhood into his pink hole, causing him to moan with pleasure. Cock-hungry Adam sucks off Tony until he creams all over his face.'

The sequences involving extreme buttplay, handballing, oversized toys and/or watersports appear only in the Director's Cut version.

Stars: Lorenzo, Adam Faust, Tony Ryder, Adam Young, Zach Jayden, Michael Lucas, Jack MacCarthy, Harold Pitt, Jarett Fox, Troy Webb, Logan

Gay Blind Date Sex Volume 4

Video: Gay Blind Date Sex Volume 4
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Studio: Pink Visual
Real Guys! Real Blind Dates! Real Hot Sex! We follow real amateur guys on their first dates, from the awkward first introduction to the wet, sticky climax later the same night! They don't care about dinner and a movie, all they want is to get hot and sticky! It doesn't matter if the guys hit if off, cause they're both going to get off. They're not looking for a deep relationship, just a hard cock, a tight ass and a good time!

Stars: Shane, Jake, Troy, Justin, Kyle, Chad, Vaughn, Romeo (Gay), Jarret Fox

Twins 3.0

Video: Twins 3.0
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Join the cast of the latest offering from the Fisher twins and a cast of sizzlin' barely legal teen dream machines, including long-haired, horse-hung twink stars. Stars Jarreet Fox & Seth Fisher in hardcore oral and anal action, with plenty of naked feet for all of our foot fans to enjoy as well!

Stars: Alan Fisher, Matt Reynolds, Jarret Fox, Alex Fisher, Seth Fisher, Michael Romano, Marc Wallburg, Ricky Hawke, Randy Hawke

Military Brats

Video: Military Brats
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Studio: HIS Video
Boot Camp is tough -- take it from raw recruits who endure Sergeant Garrett Fox's incessant drilling. Sweat-soaked cock on cock action above and beyond the call of duty as these soldier boys learn how to take it like a man. Watch as the get their basic training in rear maneuvers!

Stars: Kevin Thatcher, Lee Brock, Jamis Taylor, Johnny Rocket, John Kong, Dave Wilson, Miguel Rivera, Garret Fox

Got Milked 2 - Str8 Loads

Video: Got Milked 2 - Str8 Loads
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Studio: D&E Productions
The straight studs enjoy their sleep, but wake up to something they've never experienced before - a handjob from another man. They might resist a little at first, but after finding out how good it feels to have another man stroke their big, stiff rods, they are happy to enjoy the hot stroking of these pros until they explode! They may never go straight again!!!

Stars: Christian Cruz, Ricky Sanchez, Shane Stone, Jaime Donovan, Tony Ryder, Kevin Shade, Jarret Fox, Brandon Chase

Sexy Surfers

Video: Sexy Surfers
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Studio: Surfside Studios
Fans of Rick Warner's Surfside Studios will be pleased to hear that after being on sabbatical for the last two years, that he is back, and with a Vengeance! While being in South Florida, he was able to add the hot steamy Latin look to his usual California surfer boy lineup of models. This combination in this first X-rated solo effort in several years, gave a great new addition in the Surfside tradition of fresh new talent and hot steamy action. In fact, ''Sexy Surfers'' was nominated by the GVN for Best Solo Of The Year, and upon viewing, you can see why. Warner combines his funny wit and humor to his model questions, and gets his models to relax and be themselves in a way we rarely see.

Jarett Foxx:

First, we meet Jarett Foxx, a lanky lean 20ish curly haired surfer blonde with a Huge Tool! Warner skillfully teases us with some great opening footage of the lad, then goes into an informative and fun interview. Fox is overcome with passion and really gets into working up his huge 9'' tool, and releases a great load for all to see.

Surfer Josh:

Then we meet long, blonde haired, surfer Josh from Key West. Josh is a free spirit, that so many of us have dreams about being. His young tanned and toned body and great looks will temp you. Warner opens with a fun interview that gives a nice insight to this not typical surfer. Warner also shows us a rare, behind the scenes look at an actual studio photo shooting session before Josh releases his manhood on the studio back drop in an explosive manor!

Dancer Ricky:

Hot, sexy, Cuban dancer Ricky is up next. We met Ricky dancing at one of the local strip clubs in Ft. Lauderdale. Ricky ''claims'' to be bi, but I think he is mild to wild and anything goes with the right often the case! Typical dancer, he takes a little dance around the pool, then strips down to some hot underwear. Yum! Then all the clothes come off to reveal that hot, toned and tanned Latin body! Wow! You will like this one. Typical swimmers body, not too big, but oh dear...and does this boy know how to work it, as he dances us into the house where we put him back in cloths and make him strip again for us! It's a double treat! You won't mind watching again as he strips off his tight jeans and shows his very nice Latin tool. This he skillfully works up to shoot a great cum load you won't forget!

Damian Ryce/Jay:

Big-dicked Damian is a tall lanky lean smooth boyish young man we discovered in Ft. Lauderdale. A former dancer he confessed to us that he loves to tease and have sex with older men. He jokes about how he likes to fuck guys in the ass with his huge tool. He takes great pride in showing off that big tool to us! He has a boyish charm, naughty, evil smile and giggle certain to get your attention. He moves from the bedroom to outdoors by the pool. At the pool area he gives us a further look at his big cock. He works it up and shoots a nice load that is sure to satisfy...

Surfer Keith:

Surfer Keith was one of the rare ones. He had a good job as an auto mechanic, drove a nice car and owned his own town house! Not to mention he's easy on the eyes. He was with us not because he needed the money. Rather he just likes good SEX! His interview here was his first time in front of cameras for anyone, he tells us. His is a true boyish charm rarely seen! We learn of his underwear fetish and how he has always had this ''problem.'' He does a great job of filling out his Calvin's as well. Sporting a nice package he tells us more about his life, fantasies and life in general. It's a great interview that's not only steamy but fun. After all, Surfer Keith is a fun boy. He then moves into the shower where our cameras catch him at his best! Naked and wet, he soaps up, smiles into the camera as if to say, ''I know what you want.'' After toweling off it's back to the bedroom to show us his hot ass, which went from, ''no one touches that,'' to ''Rick, I think I like to bottom now,'' and with a hot ass like his, why not! He shoots a great load and tells us he will be back for more! Frankly, we can't wait. Enjoy this one, he is a winner.

Stars: Joshua, Ricky, Jarret Fox, Damian Ryce, Surfer Keith

Blonde Virgin Twinks...We've Seduced

Video: Blonde Virgin Twinks...We've Seduced
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This is a collection of scenes, featuring my favorite blond twinks from throughout the years. Sweet, virgin twinks being seduced by their horny friends. A couple of these boys are ''straight'' making it even naughtier to watch. Each scene is 100% Hardcore, with plenty of ass eating and facial cum shots.

Scene 1:

Waif cover-boy Brandon Brooks is ravished by hunk Brant Moore. Seduction is not the word for this one, folks. Brant Moore partakes in everything that young Brandon Brooks has to offer, and takes us along for the ride. And what a ride it is! The oral is absolutely delectable and will make your lips water as you watch Brant feast on Bandon's ripe lips, suck on Brando's long cock, and suck on his virgin, cherry ass. It's Brandon's turn to treat Brant then, and he does so as any good boy would. Brandon tastes every inch of Brant's jock body, giving him a tongue-bath. But Brant's appetite cannot be appeased as he makes a meal out of Brandon's cherry ass. Once the blonde's hole has been lubed with salvia, Brant closes the deal and rams him fat piece of man-meat in little Brandon's tight boypussy. The pain is unbearable but our Brandon is a champion and carries on. Brant then commences to fuck Brandon in every position imaginable, including Reverse Cowgirl and Doggy Style. Brandon finally explodes on his tight tummy and then Brant comes in his chest and face. They end with a sweet kiss.

Scene 2:

Poor blond punk-boy Jayden has to share a room with the horny twink Jarett Fox. Jarett quickly get's down to business by waking Jayden up with a blowjob. A shocked straight Jayden pushes him away, but then decides to give in to sins of the flesh. But Jarret is gentle as he assures him everything will be all right -- right before he teaches him how to suck cock. With Jarret's fat rod you got to be a fast-learner or you chock, literally. Our Jaden gives it all he has and doesn't disappoint. After learning how to suck cock Jayden learns how to get on his back and take it like a little bitch. Jarett wipes the floor clean with him like a rag as he fucks this punk every all over the room. It's amazing to watch Jayden's small tiny bottom take the magnitude of Jarett Fox's Midwestern white boy, fat cock. Jayden busts a nut while being butt-fucked by Jarett. Jarett then pulls out and gives Jayden a wet, facial.

Scene 3:

This one features the amazing super-sized penis of Casey Wood. This is absolutely one of the biggest and fattest dicks you will ever see folks, no kidding. There are very few people who can bottom for Casey, but we found one in Todd Hunter. Todd is just lying there sunbathing, minding his own business, when he is seduced by the horse-hung Wood. Casey is quickly sitting on Todd, giving him a deep message with a happy ending. Todd then goes down on Casey's redwood and manages to deep-throat it pretty well, accommodating Casey's titanic man-meat down his hungry throat. After spitting into his asshole and getting it all nice and wet, Casey rams his fat cock into Todd, making him take the anaconda. Todd is a puppet as Casey fucks him in every position under the sun. But Casey's a nice guy and lets Todd give him a facial. He gives Todd a wet facial in return.

Scene 4:

This Arian gem features three German twinks in a sex room of sorts having a hot three-way which is being orchestrated by a creepy guard. Some ass-eating starts them off, the three mates tasting one another s cherry assholes. The runt of the litter, Remi the virgin, winds up becoming the bitch for the other two blond youths. Matt and Tristan violate his mouth with their giant white-boy cocks. Then they lock poor Remi in a cage and don't let him play. But soon Remi is thrown to the dirty floor and fucked by Matt and Tristan. They take turns ramming his tight bubble butt till he can't take anymore. But Remi's butt is hungry for white cock and welcomes them on all-fours and on his back. Remi comes on Matt while the other two shoot on Remi's callow face.

Scene 5:

This sweet, cumming-of-age scene features two classic twinks with long, lean bodies and big, fat cocks. It's a lazy summer afternoon and the two 18-year-olds are bored home alone. So Jarett decides to introduce shy Damian to cock-sucking, ass-eating, and butt-fucking. First Jarett is a good sport and gives Damian a good-fashioned cock sucking. Damian is huge for a young twink, so Jarett has one heck of a time with his roaring ramrod. But Damian returns the favor, sucking Jarett's thick cock and eating his sweaty jock ass. Jarett is gentle as he pops Damian's cherry, but then butt-fucks him in a frenzy, pounding his lily white ass. After fucking him good, Jarett gives Damian a splashy facial as Damian shoots all over himself.

Stars: Brant Moore, Damian Ryce, Jayden Holloway, Todd Hunter, Casey Wood, Matt Havoc, Remi Steele, Tristan Everhard, Jarett Fox, Brandon Brookes

The Twin Dicks Of Hazzard

Video: The Twin Dicks Of Hazzard
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Twin Twinks MARK and MATT WOODS Tag Team Ultra Twink BRETT CORRIGAN. Brit Boy wizard LARRY COTTER conjures cute cowboy ALEX CROSS for some serious Bronco Busting. Horse Hung Blond Surfer boy JARETT FOX fills some barely legal holes, and a surprise 3 way, all as fun on the farm gets hot, hard and naked!

Stars: Matt Woods, Kyle McDermott, Mark Woods, R.J. Williams, Ethan Spence, Jarret Fox, Brett Corrigan, Darin, Keiffer

Good Times Cumming

Video: Good Times Cumming
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Horse hung surfer boy Jarret Fox bikes up a mountain top for a hardcore session with Brett Corrigan in this twink fuck fest with barely legal boys fucking, sucking, and rimming their way...indoors, outdoors, and every which way. The action thrusts on...ending with buff, built Asian sensation Frankie Chan, aka Ian Lee, as a fierce power top with blond boy toy Christopher Adkins!

Stars: Tanner, Frankie Chan, Brett Corrigan, Sammy Ly, Jarrett Fox, Richard Jordan, Christopher Adkins, James Masahiro

Bareback Like A Fox

Video: Bareback Like A Fox
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East eats West as Asian boytoy Frankie goes down and turns around for stud pup Matt Woods! Two horse hung Latino Twinks Angel & Orlando go wild with Matching massive tools! The Fisher Twins Ride Again, this time in super hot bareback action. Watch Alan Fisher take raw cock as his twin watches! And porn legend Jarett Fox gets heavy bareback action with newcomer Michael Romano (aka Seth Fisher).

Stars: Matt Woods, Alan Fisher, Frankie Chan, Jarret Fox, Seth King, Alex Fisher, Angel Vasquez, Seth Fisher, Orlando Boom

The Da Vinci Load

Video: The Da Vinci Load
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Studio: PZP Productions
2007 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Non-Sex Performance.
2007 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Pro-Am Release.
2007 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Screenplay.
2007 GAYVN Award Nominee for Best Speciality Release 18-23.
The Priory of Semen, an ancient secret society, finds an ancient scroll that can only be decoded by soaking it with the loads of Leonardo Da Vinci's study descendents, who must cum on the faces on virgin twinks. There are all kinds of twists and turns along the way as the Da Vinci Boys pop twink cherries from Stonehenge to the Vatican. You will not believe stud Jarett Fox's enormous cock and its hardcore fucking action!

Stars: Taz, Shane Stone, Jarret Fox, Sean Wade, Sebastian Young, Gabriel Cortez, Dani Jo, Jayden Holloway, Sean Brennan, Gabriel DuBois

Young Guns, Young Buns

Video: Young Guns, Young Buns
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Studio: Young Recruits
Buff blond boy toys, horse hung Hispanics, and surfer boy/mega star Jarett Fox getting pounded by soldier stud Mark Woods! Be looking for super-sized schlongs, incredible oral and anal action, and some naughty boys smoking cigarettes, with colossal cum shots!! Enjoy the show!

Stars: Mark Woods, Jarret Fox, Virgil Knox, Chris Burg, Angel Vasquez, Will Fisher, Dallas Fisher

Chicken Ala Twink

Video: Chicken Ala Twink
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Studio: PZP Productions
Here's your chance to see behind the scenes on a shoot featuring your favorite twinks in solo and oral action! No need to fast-forward through this quick-paced, boy jack-off juggernaut. A delcious entrée, served hot, with 15 tasty helpings of Chicken Ala Twink! You're going to love every minute of this fucking film!

Stars: Tiger Ray, Sammy Case, Danny Boy Bigg, Stephen Starr, Sky Blew, Elijah Woodie, Justin Young, Kevin Shade, Mac Cockin, Ricky Cruz, Jay Cucumber, Mikey DiNero, Jarret Fox, Damian Ryce, The Tuna, Louis Vampyre

Got Milked 4

Video: Got Milked 4
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Studio: D&E Productions
100% fratboy handjob action is for the handjob purist! Hot stroking handjob action from start to finish! Every guy loves nothing more then to receive the perfect handjob. We've searched the United States to bring you the hottest frat guys who love to get their cock stroked and their balls played with. Watch these frat dudes get their cock's lube up and slowly stroked away by another hand while they sleep or while they're awake! Hot throbbing cocks and BIG cum loads await!

Stars: Brandon, Adam, Jacob, Diego, Willie, Jake Brentwood, Tommy Ray, Sean Tyler, Austin Grant, Chad Alexander, Mr. Hand, Jarrett Fox

Oliver Twink

Video: Oliver Twink
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Studio: PZP Productions
2009 Grabby Award Nominee for Best Non-Sex Performance.

Please, sir, I want some more..." "From the producers of The Da Vinci Load and BeTwinked, comes a movie 169 years in the making. Starring uber-twink Dillon Samuels as Oliver Twist and new discovery Kyros Christian as The Artful Dodger. Jarett Fox was brought out of retirement, kicking and screaming, to play the key role of Fagin. Twink lovers will of course love Fagin's waifs. However, those who like real, hunky men can feast their eyes on the studly Brad Star as Mr. Bumble and hairy-chested Riley Burke as Detective Brownlow. With its mix of twinks and studs, Oliver Twink tells Charles Dickens' classic story with a slight twist. It's 2007, the location is South Beach, Florida, Fagin is a pimp and his boys are whores. But that co-dependant bitch Nancy still gets it in the end! Although there are plenty of laughs in this parody, like in all PZP films the 100% hardcore sex is rough and hard, with ass eating and facial cum shots. This is one you will want to own for your collection

Stars: Brad Star, Jarret Fox, Gabriel DuBois, Matt Havoc, Ryan Thompson, Dillon Samuels, Riley Burke, Kyros Christian, Jayce Jones

Sex Stories

Video: Sex Stories
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Studio: Surfside Studios
Great Sex actions from Surfside. Some of the best action we have seen in sometime and think you will enjoy!

Scene 1:

Our story opens with Danny Fleetwood at home reviewing some photo memories of past sexual experience. A knock at the door brings hot Latin Ricky Flores into the picture. He picks up on Danny's photos album of hot guys and starts asking questions. Danny tells Ricky about hot Josh Buchanan a smooth lanky lad who was a former hot room mate of Dannys. The two of them get into some steamy hot sex action in the bathroom and shower as they blow one another and Danny slips the dick to Josh who screams for more, in a very hot verbal first scene.

Scene 2:

In scene two we meet sexy pool boy Jarett Fox who services Sean Tyler a smooth lean sexy twenty yr old at pool side. The hot sucking actions moves inside, as Jarett puts his huge tool deep inside Sean's waiting hole, as Sean screams and moans for more!

Scene 3:

Then Danny Fleetwood talks about the time he was seduced by one of his neighbors. The nice neighbor invites Danny in for a back rub and they slowly get into it. Danny then turns the cards and we get some flip action. Danny slips his huge tool to this neighbor, who loves every inch of it.

Scene 4:

Finally overcome with lust, Ricky Flores, a hot Cuban, just can't stand it anymore and strips down. Danny and Ricky wind up in each other's arms and they let go and begin with some of the best sucking and fucking action we have seen on camera for sometime! Ricky takes Danny's big dick all the way and loves it and they explode in lust together.

Stars: Danny Fleetwood, Jarret Fox, Sean Tyler, Ricky Flores, Johnny Boy, Josh Buchanan

Field Of Creams

Video: Field Of Creams
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Studio: Eon Films
Fox's love, Ashton Ryan, has passed away, and his emotions hang on his sleeve before his mates on the baseball team. Fox's emotional volatility becomes very apparent to Alex Cross, a freckled brunet with a pierced eyebrow. Cross cruises Fox, who goes through an outdoor one-on-one frolic (afterwards Fox freaks out and disappears). Cross blows Fox, who quickly enlarges to a deliciously hot dog-sized erection. With his baseball cap turned backwards, Fox tops him over a rock in a sunny field, leaving the youthful Cross covered in cum. And this is just the first scene.

Stars: Alex Cross, Jarret Fox, Ashton Ryan, Tyler Mason, Chase Matthews, Kyle Aames, Dillon Wood, Kyler Kox


Video: Sticky!
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Studio: WonderBoy
Watch these five hotties stroke their cocks until they shoot all over themselves... getting nice, wet & Sticky! These cum covered cuties are bound and determined to jerk their johnson until they cum all over their smooth, slim bellies and to help you get off at the same time!

Stars: Jarret Fox, Casey Wood, Logan Robbins, Tristan Storm, Dante Malone

Spring Fling

Video: Spring Fling
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Studio: Jackrabbit Releasing
These well-hung hunks have been waiting all semester for spring break and a long planned beach getaway. Now that it's come, they meet their other jock friends and have an all-out fuckfest - sucking and pounding each other until they shoot their hot loads!! Enjoy your man pussy, sex fiends!!

Stars: Ricky Ferraro, TJ Jordan, Jake Brentwood, Jamie Donovan, Julian Vasquez, Gavin Bradley, Chad Skyler, James Ramirez, Jacob Alan, Justin Wright, Jarret Fox

Desperate Houseboys

Video: Desperate Houseboys
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Studio: PZP Productions
Meet the desperate, new boys of Histeria Lane: Superstar Sammy Case has become a shameless voyeur. Kevin's a horny top with a secret. Shane has a torrid new addiction; beach-boy Jarret Fox is a randy jock who loves to seduce straight boys. Blond Colombian bombshell Rickey Cruz and his sultry loins. Damian Ryce packs a huge killer cock. Mikey DiNero--a straight skateboarder off the street. Watch these twinks fuck and suck their way to the top! Suburbia will never be the same!

Stars: Sammy Case, Shane Stone, Kevin Shade, Ricky Cruz, Mikey DiNero, Jarret Fox, Damian Ryce

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