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Vilem Cage Jarret Fox Zak Spears

The Best Of Joe Gage Men In Uniform

Video: The Best Of Joe Gage Men In Uniform
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Studio: TitanMen
Men in Uniform is a must have for Gage aficionados and anyone that likes a man in uniform! 6 of the very best Joe Gage scenes handpicked and presented together for the very first time. From the Cop on the beat, the Drill Sargent of your dreams or the Security guard that makes you pay for your transgressions. Featuring some of the hottest and most iconic MEN: Ray Dragon, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dirk Caber, Jason Ridge, Tony Buff, Tyler Saint, Vinnie D ?Angelo and many, many more! Don?t miss this one!!

Stars: Andrew Justice, Brendan Davies, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Devon Cade, Dirk Caber, Enrique Currero, Ivan Andros, Jason Ridge, Mason Wyler, Ray Dragon, Roman Wright, Tony Buff, Tony Masala, Tory Mason, Tyler Saint, Vinnie D'Angelo

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Desert Train

Video: Desert Train
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Studio: TitanMen
Set against the splendor of the Mojave desert, Desert Train evokes a rich atmosphere of lazily turning windmills and slow moving freight trains that create an almost hypnotic backdrop for Desert Train's sizzling all male action. As the train's haunting whistle sounds in the background, Desert Train's hot men move from one steamy encounter to the next, exploring each other's hard, masculine bodies.

In the opening scene, a darkly handsome hitchhiker is walking shirtless along the searing asphalt when a trucker passes by. Soon enough, that hitchhiker is bent over a tire and fucked roughly...and that's just the beginning of the explosive sex in here!!

Stars: Rich Ryan, Eduardo (i), Brian Hanson, Marcelo Reeves, Jackson Phillips, Adriano Marquez, Michel D'Amours, Xavier DePaula

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Hole Hunters

Video: Hole Hunters
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Studio: Naked Beauty
These hung and horny lads can?t control their sexual urges when they strike no matter where they are or who they happen to be with. Bareback, shared masturbation, bukkake facials?these are just some of the raunchy acts these Hole Hunters commit in over 90 minutes of hardcore action! Hitchhikers are bound, spanked, reamed and creamed right there beside the road. Solo masturbation sessions turn into cum spewing threesomes and much, much more!

Stars: Chris Young, Denis Reed, Dick Casey, Jack Cameron, Johan Volny, Justin Conway, Justin Lee, Mark Nill, Martin Love, Paris Neeo, Rudy Bodlak, Rudy Valentino, Sam Brooks, Tim Law, Tristan Balboa, Will Jones, Zaho Sebastian Mann

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Verboten : Part 1

Video: Verboten : Part 1
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Studio: Hot House Video

Welcome to Verboten, a smoking-hot new leather series from AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough. 12 butch, sex-crazed Hot House hunks bring the art of S&M to life in Verboten, the steamiest new sex club in the notorious SoMa district of San Francisco. In Part I, Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack and C.J. Knight work the ropes and new Exclusive Dillon Crow makes his no holds barred debut in a scene that proves his rugged kick-boxing attitude is no joke. The club is tricked out with larger than life art installations and the latest gear from our accomplices Mr. S Leather and Dungeon Beds. So become a member of Verboten: Submission is free.

Scene One

Chiseled Lifetime Exclusive Alex Collack and horse-hung Rafael Alencar stand stroking their rock hard cocks, watching Alexy Tyler struggle against restraints in the center of a Dungeon Bed. The two top men release Tyler and immediately put him to work on Collack's tool. Tyler sucks cock like his life depends on it while Alencar probes his ass crack with his fat meat. Alencar mercilessly shoves his giant cock in and out of Tyler's hole while Collack silences Tyler's cries by shoving his uncut rod down his throat. Next the harness-wearing Masters throw Tyler down and switch places allowing Alencar to feed Tyler his cock while Collack plows Tyler's ass. The sight of Collack's chiseled ass proves too much for Alencar so he moves behind him and shoves his 11" cock in his hole. While he's being punished from behind Collack rips open Tyler's leather codpiece and begins sucking his cock. Tyler takes matters into his own hand and blows his load all over Collack's face. Collack gets his revenge by showering Tyler in cum, shortly followed by Alencar who pumps his monster and releases on Tyler's chest and face.

Scene Two

New Exclusive tough guy Dilon Crow sits shackled, making him easy prey for rugged sex pigs Dak Ramsey and Trey Casteel. The two studs approach Crow and rough him up by spitting on him and making gag on Ramsey's extra large cock. Casteel and Ramsey pull out a roll of celophane and wrap it around Crow's head, turning him into a cock-sucking slave. The harsh tops turn their attention to Crow's giant bubble-butt, lubing it up with spit and shoving their paws deep in his hole. Ramsey takes charge of Crow's fat pierced cock, expertly taking the whole thing and both his balls into his warm mouth. Casteel grabs Crow and throws him on a bench, taking his ass. While Crow sucks Ramsey's cock Casteel pounds his hole, thrusting his entire cock in and out of Crow like a jackhammer. They spin Crow around so Ramsey can take his turn man-ramming Crow's big hungry ass. The two tops take turns mercilessly fucking Crow's ass and mouth at the same time. Casteel blows a fat juicy load all over Crow's tattooed torso, followed by Ramsey. Crow works his own thick load out, adding his cum to the puddle on his tight stromach.

Scene Three

Donkey-dicked Daddy Kristian Alvarez finds Hot House Exclusive C.J. Knight laying face down on a Dungeon Bed. Alvarez releases him from his cuffs and Knight wastes no time working on Alvarez's meat. Knight proves to be a champion deep-throat cocksucker as the sex-club echoes with the sound of Alvarez's giant tool reaching past Knight's gag reflex. With his cock slick with drool, Alvarez jumps on top of Knight and fucks him deep. Muscle-man Alvarez fucks Knight in every position, from the side, and hanging from the top of the tricked out specialty bed until he pulls out and shoots a hot white load. Finally Knight pulls out his own manmeat and jacks off until he blows his own thick load.

Scene Four

Newcomer Dominic Sol and Latin stud Rodrigo De Leon stretch their oral limits as they take on two of the biggest cocks ever to enter the Verboten Sex Club; Tyler Saint and Josh West. Saint and West free De Leon from a cage and feed him their enormous cocks. De Leon does his best to take both tools - almost two feet of hard cock - into his mouth at once. Tied up nearby, Sol demands some of the cocksucking action. Saint releases him and fills his throat with cock. Meanwhile West has turned De Leon over and buried his 12-incher in his hole. Saint and Sol soon follow their lead, with Sol pushing his ass back farther and farther on Saint's hard cock. The tops take total control, contorting the willing bottoms into their favorite positions, then switch places. It's West's fat rod up Sol's ass that gets him off while Saint brings De Leon to release. The tops pull out of the exhausted bottoms and work their own cocks until they both shoot.

Stars: Alex Collack, Alexy Tyler, C.J. Knight, Dak Ramsey, Dillon Crow, Dominic Sol, Josh West, Kristian Alvarez, Rafael Alencar, Rodrigo DeLeon, Trey Casteel, Tyler Saint

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Boys Get Banged

Video: Boys Get Banged
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Studio: Raw Rascals
These boys need executive cocks to sit on! Making each other's stiff cocks bounce with every thrust is the highlight of their day! 5 scenes featuring Tony Hansen in 100% raw action. Boys just can't help themselves from sucking perfect, throbbing cocks and then drill each other's beautiful, round asses! What they really need is big, hard cocks in mouth!

Stars: Dion Philipps, Jack Reed, Mark Zebro, Nick Lamar, Tony Hansen

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The Big Guns 4

Video: The Big Guns 4
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Studio: Butch Dixon
Butch Dixon is pulling out all the stops as this hot and heavy DVD series continues in The Big Guns #4! This time, Butch Dixon has gone around the world to cherry pick the hottest, horniest men for your viewing pleasure. British, Lebanese, French Canadian, these studs are from all over and they're boned up and ready to fuck! Watch as they show of their sexual tenacity, ravaging each other with wet sloppy blowjobs and raunchy butt-fucking!

Stars: Carlo Cox, Chester Stevens, Dani Robles, Derek Thibeau, Manuel DeBoxer, Mick Stallone, Rogue Status, Teddy Torres, Wade Steel

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Bi-Curious George #1

Video: Bi-Curious George #1
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Studio: Hell's Ground Productions
This is no children's book that you will remember, this is the X-rated version of curiosity, and now you can see it all for your self when the dicks get hard and all they await to do is fuck a hole, even if that hole is on the other end of another hard cock, these girls don't mind sharing the load!

Stars: Austin, Vilem Cage, Amy, Michael, Carlos, Daisy, Wesley, Robert Groffinger, Agatha, Daniel, Tomas, Oldrich, Carina, Diablo, Marcio, Rhiannon Finneran, Mili, Thiago, Valery Hilton, Karel Major, Renata Feher, Renata Peterov, Basthion, Cinthia Campos, Alex Junior, Sandro Boy

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Michael Lucas Auditions Volume 16

Video: Michael Lucas Auditions  Volume 16
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Studio: Lucas Entertainment
additional content, including watersports sequences.

From the press notes, courtesy of Lucas Entertainment:
'Jack Mccarthy reveals to Michael Lucas his love for deep-throating, but it's Harold Pitt who demonstrates how it's done, swallowing Jack's rock-hard pole before turning him around to bury his face in Jack's tight ass. Then Jack shows Harold how orally talented he is, as Harold shoves his cock deep into Jack's hungry mouth. Before long these guys are ready to fuck, with Harold pounding Jack's ass until Jack shoots his load straight into his own mouth.

This may be pretty boy Jarett's first Lucas film, but he proves he's no stranger to hot sex! Young studs Jarett and Logan start off with a long sucking session where Logan simply can't hide his pleasure throwing his lips around Jarett's beautiful cock. Logan almost can't handle it when Jarett starts plowing him, but that doesn't stop Jarett. After enjoying the taste of his own cum, Logan gets soaked by Jarett's creamy man-juice.

It's obvious that Zach Jayden can't wait to service hunky Lorenzo, immediately wrapping his lips around Lorenzo's thick tool. Lorenzo returns the favor by licking and fingering Zach's anxious hole and slapping his toned ass until Zach can barely contain his anticipation. Lorenzo gives him just what he wants with an extensive ass drilling. Michael jumps in, transforming the scene into a hot threesome.

Big boy Adam Faust is chosen to initiate muscle bear bottom Troy Webb in his first film and the two get right to work, eagerly inhaling each other's stiff cocks. Don't let Troy's built frame fool you - he's got a tight hole that Adam can't wait to break-in. Adam rams it before having his own licked and tickled by Troy's furry face. Michael once again jumps in to the action, plunging his uncut rod into Adam's hole before giving Troy's behind a go as well.

Young hotties Adam Young and Tony Ryder enjoy some cock sucking and ass play before Tony decides to help himself to Adam's smooth bubble butt. Adam gladly obliges as Tony slips his well-endowed manhood into his pink hole, causing him to moan with pleasure. Cock-hungry Adam sucks off Tony until he creams all over his face.'

The sequences involving extreme buttplay, handballing, oversized toys and/or watersports appear only in the Director's Cut version.

Stars: Lorenzo, Adam Faust, Tony Ryder, Adam Young, Zach Jayden, Michael Lucas, Jack MacCarthy, Harold Pitt, Jarett Fox, Troy Webb, Logan

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The Best of Zak Spears

Video: The Best of Zak Spears
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Studio: Catalina
Calling all Zak Spears fans! Catalina is bringing you the ultimate Zak Spears collection that you definitely won't want to miss! In scenes from Hand Jobs 3, Oral Fixation, Model Behavior, Secret Sex, Sex Crimes, Sex Radicals.

Stars: Wes Daniels, Zak Spears, Michael Chads, Rod Majors, Kurt Wolfe, Ky Paxton

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